Mobile Apps

Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

Many small to medium businesses need a mobile app but do not know it. The following evaluation can help you decide.

If you can say yes to the below you should consider getting a mobile app for your business

1. Does your business have repeat customers?

2. Be Visible to Customers at All Times

3. Create a Direct Marketing Channel

4. Provide Value to Your Customers

5. Build Brand and Recognition

6. Improve Customer Engagement

7. Stand Out From the Competition

8. Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Click HERE for a PDF download to examine whether Your Business would have a Bottom Line benefit from having a Mobile App!

Does Your Business Need A APP


7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Just a few BY NO MEANS ALL of the features included in our mobile apps GREAT for Small & Medium Size Businesses, Schools, Associations & Municipalities!

  • Blog Integration – Include a blog by integrating your RSS feed.
  • Business Information – Integrate any sort of information about your business you’d like.
  • Contact Information – Give your customers multiple convenient ways to contact your business.
  • Custom Appearance – Create highly customized beautiful looking mobile apps for your business.
  • Custom Email Forms – Create a custom email form for reservations, leads, appointments or anything else.
  • Event Listing – Include all of your businesses events inside your app keep your customers informed.
  • Email Photo – Build customer engagement by allowing customers to send pictures via email to your business.
  • Loyalty Card – Set up your own loyalty rewards program.
  • Food Ordering – Allow customers to order food directly inside of your mobile app.
  • GPS Coupons – Create mobile coupons for your customers to unlock by “checking in”.
  • Mobile Reservations – Allow customers to book a reservation via your mobile app.
  • Membership – Setup your own membership groups or forums
  • Mobile Shopping – Let customers buy your products or services directly in your mobile app.
  • One Touch Calling – Give your customers the ability to call your business with a tap in the app.
  • Push Notifications – Send messages to your customers whenever you’d like.
  • Points of Interest – Create an app that displays any points of interest on a map and categorize them as you’d like.

These are but a few of the Native features that can be utilized in a number of ways to make your app very engaging and useful


We have a variety of affordable price points and packages for our Base SMB Mobile Apps!

  1. $97 down $97 a month for the first year $79 per month after
  2. $997 for first year $79 per month after
  3. Undisclosed special so powerful we can not publish on the internet.