Conover Building Maintenance Spotlight

February 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Spotlight

owner of cbm

CBM New Jersey Building Maintenance

2b1 Marketing recently sat down with Anthony Conover owner of Conover Building Maintenance a leading Tri-State area janitorial and staffing company.

2b1: How long have you been in business?
Mr. Conover: We have been in business going on 20 years now providing janitorial services in the New Jersey Tri-State area

2b1: Why did you start CBM?
Mr. Conover: I observed a need and opportunity to serve many businesses & building managers by providing quality and professional janitorial and building maintenance, it has been a wonderful ride providing those services.

2b1: What is Your Business Mission Statement?
Mr. Conover: Our company strives to provide quality, professional cleaning services at a competitive price.
We enable our clients to focus on their core business while we provide service that enhances our clients’ public image and fosters strengthened relationships with their customers. We support a seamless/clean transition from your old cleaning company and establish a solid standard that will be followed for the duration of our partnership and that will be enhanced as technology and your company needs evolve.
Our on going mission, We aim to become recognized as industry leaders in the Tri-State area in the commercial cleaning sector.

2b1: Describe your ideal Client?
Mr. Conover: Our ideal client are concerned with their public image by keeping their building space in excellent condition.

2b1: What makes CBM standout from other Building Maintenance Companies
Mr. Conover: We focus on giving small business personal attention to a large client base. Our goal is to make and keep all of our clients thoroughly happy with our service. I make sure that I am personally available to all of my clients to address any issues. We also offer a strong Service Guarantee, We are Insured and very strong Code of Conduct policy.

2b1: Any short term or long term business goals?
Mr. Conover: We are focused on continuing to grow CBM by focusing in on strong marketing strategies

2b1: Any new offerings or special promotions to announce?
Mr. Conover: We are working on some very exciting new things that we will be announcing by Press Release shortly stay tuned! For now I can inform you that we are focusing on growing our staffing services division. I am very excited about our staffing services it presents a very big opportunity for CBM

If you are a business that is in need of quality janitorial services at a reasonable rates reach out to us today. We offer free no obligation estimates call us at 732.846.9600 or fill out the form here.

2b1: Thank you Anthony for sharing your thoughts on CBM
Mr. Conover: My pleasure Thank you for the opportunity

Our 2b1 bottom line – Anthony is a standup guy running a great company, If you are in need of building maintenance or janitorial services in the New Jersey Tristate area give CBM a call!